Onfolio Follow-up

December 17th, 2004 at 1:41 pm

Well, I said I was giving it a whirl, but it didn’t last terribly long. Ultimately the interface was just too much for what I was looking for. If only you’re looking for an in-browser feed-reading interface, Onfolio doesn’t quite make the grade yet. This is primarily due to the fact that Onfolio is not a feed-reader to begin with, it’s a research tool. It does seem to handle feed-reading decently, but it’s just not a simple and elegant interface. On top of that, it seems to require a little more processing power than I can muster (however, keep in mind this is more a failing of my 4 year old p3-450 (sigh) rather than any failing of Onfolio).

Onfolio also interrupted my regular workflow enough to annoy me. It seemed 70% of my actions using the GUI resulted in a progress dialog popping up and me having to wait 2-3s before being able to resume my progress (Even reordering the order of my feeds or sorting them into folders popped this dialog on EVERY MOVE).

As a research tool on a more powerful system with feed-reading as a secondary activity, it might be a great tool. As a quick and easy in-browser feed-reader, it’s not my cup of tea.