MTV Canada soon to be no more…

May 11th, 2005 at 12:23 am is reporting that MTV Canada and the canadian MTV2 will cease broadcasting on June 30th:

The change comes as part of a deal announced Tuesday by CHUM, which counts MuchMusic among its holdings.
CHUM purchased Craig Media late last year, acquiring the two MTV channels in the process.
MTV has now exercised an option it had to sever ties with the CHUM-owned Craig.

All of this is a little less surprising when you remember that CHUM owns and operates MuchMusic (“The Nation [Canada]’s Music Station“) and pads out MuchMusic content with purchased content from MTV, like Newlyweds and Pimp My Ride.

Frankly I didn’t even know that CHUM had purchased MTV Canada and I don’t think I’ve seen the channel since my “60-days of free digital cable channels” promotion ended, which might be an indication in-and-of-itself as to why it’s being shutdown.