Does whatever a spider can…

June 29th, 2004 at 11:03 am

So the reviews are coming in for Spider-man 2 and they seem to be overwhelmingly good.

Rottentomatoes‘s tomator meter is reading:
FRESH – 100% (34 reviews: 34 fresh; 0 rotten; average review: 8.5/10) which is pretty astounding.

Ebert (the critic I most repesct) has this to say in his 4(!) star review:

Now this is what a superhero movie should be. “Spider-Man 2” believes in its story in the same way serious comic readers believe, when the adventures on the page express their own dreams and wishes. It’s not camp and it’s not nostalgia, it’s not wall-to-wall special effects and it’s not pickled in angst.

So anyways, I’m psyched. Can’t wait to see it.