8 Steps to getting your blog noticed

September 19th, 2004 at 4:35 pm

So Robert Scoble has posted his 8 steps to getting your blog noticed. If you’re looking to get famous in the “blogosphere” (*shudder* god I hate that term) then these steps seem to be fairly sound advice. Of course, being the lazy guy I am, I plan on doing none of them.

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger
(oh crap… I think I just did #1)

11 Responses to “8 Steps to getting your blog noticed”

  1. You might have just noticed an increase in traffic. :) Anyways, “Hi” from a fellow Ottawan.

  2. Anoder CDNian blogger, eh!

  3. pigpogm says:

    Lazy or not – it worked ;)

  4. Valderbar says:

    it only goes to prove, by doing nothing you are still doing something

    Valderbar, the cat blogging from Ottawa

  5. Valderbar says:

    BTW, any relation to Melanie Charbonneau of Perth?

  6. brent says:

    Valderbar: Nope. There are a lot of charbonneaus around here. :)

  7. Refer spam. Its all about referer spam. He missed that important point.

    And comments. Oh wait here’s one.


  8. Thomas Goot says:

    Have you seen my hat? I think I left it on the chair.

    Maybe I’ll tell you about my 5 days of fun in Temagami when I see you at Christmas.

  9. Tony G. says:

    Look, I’m doing #7 — Writing a comment on someone’s blog.

    Although it doesn’t show in this post, this is the funniest guy I know. Watch out for his tongue though… it is sharp.

    And My blog is at http://blog.backupbrain.org

  10. Shucks, and now i’ve started with the trend too.

  11. Hi,

    I’m a fellow Canadian blogger from Ottawa. I’m new at this game, so any pointers you can provide on getting my blog noticed would be greatly appreciated.

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