Mozilla Thunderbird 0.9

November 4th, 2004 at 1:29 am

I find the Thunderbird releases seem to come out of nowhere usually. Anyways, Mozilla Thunderbird 0.9 has been released.

Highlights from the Release Notes include:

Overall, I tend to find Tb’s releases are quite as interesting as its big brother‘s releases, but nevertheless always good to see a product being kept up-to-date.

Maybe Bug #224795(The message was sent successfully, but could not be copied to Your Sent folder) will have been magically resolved (unlikely), as it prevents me from keeping Tb open for longer than I need to read an email (which makes me depend on a systray email checker to know when I have new mail). Grrrr.

[Source: Thunderbird 0.9 Released – MozillaZine]