Scobleizer: Onfolio 2 beta 1 ships

December 17th, 2004 at 1:05 am

Scoble reports that Onfolio has released Onfolio v2.0 beta 1 which has in-browser support for Firefox (screenshots: 1, 2). He also hints that he might think along the same lines with my point of view with regards to the proper domain of feed reading.

So I’m giving it a whirl. It seems like an interesting app so far. It did indeed install right into firefox as an extension, and seems to integrate well so far. One problem encountered so far: the ‘blog this option’ (which I used to initiate this post, by the way) ended up opening’s ‘blog this’ window/URL in IE, even though I launched it from the firefox onfolio interface. Probably just an oversight attributable to the ‘beta 1’ status, so I wont gripe about it too much.

The content organization concept (“collections”) may enable me to better track content that I absorb while surfing around, but I’m not completely sold on it. If that functionality useless to me it seems like it might be a bit too much overhead just for feed reading (especially when my alternative aggregates on a separate machine and presents itself through a web page), but time will tell.