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February 23rd, 2005 at 4:50 pm

I’m testing out using Onfolio 2.0 (PR) to start capturing links to comment on in my main blog.

Running my linkblog, through Onfolio’s “Capture Item”/Publish Collection feature has been incredibly easy. So easy, in fact, that I find I’m even LESS inclined to post on my real blog when I come across any items I find interesting.

So I’m going to try out having two auto-publishing Collections folders. One for my linkblog, and one for this main blog. Whenever I come across something that I actually have comments on, I will try and send it here, otherwise, it goes over there.

One thing that will really help this whole process, I think, is, according to comments left in my last onfolio posting, there will be an option to post only a summary of the captured feed item when Onfolio 2.0 final arrives.

Anyways, so this link was really just a test to see what it would be like to actually use Onfolio for more of my main bloggin activities.

Final Observation: I tend to like to riddle my postings with links to other posts or sites, and this is probably going to be seriously unpleasant using Onfolio 2.0’s capture item dialog. The space for comments is a little too small to be adding in anchor html tags, and the fact that the dialog locks the rest of the browser (it’s a modal dialog) makes it hard to find the URLs for linking to anyways. The slide-out “property-tray” is a little easier to work with, but too many clicks away when I’m reading feeds and wanting to make a post on something (Capture Item, switch to collections, hilite captured item, open property-tray).

Enjoy an amusing link posted to one of my favourite “E/N” sites, Fazed.net


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