Darth Vader is pleased with his Tatooine garrison

March 6th, 2005 at 2:21 pm

As nerdy as this is… the inner-geek in me thinks it’s kinda cool…

From: Joystiq

Star Wars Galaxies, like any MMOG, is a great toy. You can play with it any way you like, and the results can sometimes be very satisfying. Check this out for a great example.

Alpha Company, 203rd Tatooine Expeditionary Stormtrooper Legion is a group of Empire-lovers who have displayed impressive loyalty and discipline. They’ve recruited competent people and taken out a good number of rebels. To reward them, SOE sent Darth Vader to meet with them. You’€™ll find the screenshots of the event here.

For diehard Star Wars fans only.

[Thanks Bernie!]

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