Blogger Says: “No More Lost Posts!”

April 8th, 2005 at 10:44 am

So blogger has rolled out auto-save in their new post interface. I think a lot of people have experienced the joys of having your browser crash while you’ve had a new webmail or new blog posting page up. It can be really frustrating. So this is a great feature. Mind you, I’ve had textbox crash recovery for a while thanks to “crash recovery“, a wonderful firefox extension. For people yet to jump onto the Firefox bandwagon though, this is a great feature.

From Blogger Buzz:

You will be so what? Frustrated? Wrong! You won’t care because all
you need to do is start it up again and click ‘Recover post.’ Blogger
now auto-saves as you type. (We just launched this feature today so you
may need to reload you new post window to see it.)

Update: Blogger Help article on recover post.”