Newsradio Newsletter: Details on the DVD Release from show creator Paul Simms

April 25th, 2005 at 1:23 pm

Got this from the newsgroup (and no, I’m even going to comment on how nerdy that makes me…):

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As you all know, the first NewsRadio DVD set, containing the first two
seasons of the show, will be released on May 24th. Releases for
subsequent seasons will depend on how well it sells, so don’t be shy
about picking up your own copy and spreading the word to your friends
(or, heck, even your enemies)! I know I’m basically preaching to the
converted here, but just in case you need more reasons to open your
wallets, NewsRadio’s erstwhile creator Paul Simms has graciously
provided his take on the platters.

Without any further ado, I’ll pass the mic to Mr. S…


I’m sure most of the following info is probably already available
somewhere on the Internet, but here’s what the DVD will contain:

1) The first 27 episodes. Which means: the pilot, the six episodes of
Season One, and the 22 episodes of Season Two.

2) Tons of extra Audio Commentary stuff. Of the 27 episodes on the
DVD, 20 of them have Audio Commentary. (Which is great, considering
that originally, it seemed like we were only going to be able to do
Commentary on six episodes.)

Just about everyone involved participated in the Commentary sessions:
— The entire cast (except, of course, for Phil): Dave Foley, Maura
Tierney, Stephen Root, Andy Dick, Khandi Alexander, Vicki Lewis, and
Joe Rogan.
— Almost all of the writers (except, of course, for Drake): Me, Josh
Lieb, Joe Furey, Brad Isaacs, Lew Morton, Brian Kelley.
— Also: director Tom Cherones, producer Kent Zbornak, producer Julie
Bean, executive producer Brad Grey and — believe it or not — former
NBC President Warren Littlefield.

Each Audio Commentary features three (and a few times, four) people
all together — with me acting as question-asker and otherwise doing
my best to get people talking as much as possible. (Because I’ve seen
too many DVDs with audio commentary where the participants just sit
there and watch the shows and periodically mumble, “Oh yeah… I
remember when we shot this… I had a toothache that day.”)

I think the Commentaries turned out great: lots of juicy, gossipy
personal revelations — many of which I didn’t know about until the
Commentary sessions. Like: who had crushes (or more) on whom, who was
mad at whom and why, me and Littlefield revisiting our scheduling
arguments, and so on.

One of the things I think the hardcore fans will enjoy most is hearing
the cast members (many of whom hadn’t seen each other in a while)
talking to each other — and in many cases, falling right back into
the chemistry they had all those years ago. Joe Rogan, lovingly
antagonizing Andy Dick, is one highlight I remember from the sessions:
their interplay sounded as much like “Joe Garelli vs. Matthew Brock”
as it did “Joe Rogan vs. Andy Dick.”

3) Also, there’s the Blooper Reel we put together and showed at the
wrap party, and (I think) some kind of mini-documentary put together
from the Electronic Press Kit footage we did back then.

What a deal. I hope the following seasons get the same treatment.

2 Responses to “Newsradio Newsletter: Details on the DVD Release from show creator Paul Simms”

  1. Anonymous says:

    hell yes!!
    fuck star wars i cant wait for this dvd.

  2. brent says:

    Good times. Good times.