Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Trailer Review

May 10th, 2005 at 11:43 pm

I just noticed the new Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire trailer is now up at Apple’s Movie Trailers page. It’s not due to be released into theatres until Nov. 28th, this year, but I have to say that the trailer certainly got me excited for it.

One of the aspects of the Harry Potter series that I’ve particularly enjoyed so far has been the way they’ve attempted to handle the aging of both the actors and the themes of the novels. It’s certainly not a guarded secret that as the books have progressed the darker they’ve become, and novel-wise Goblet of Fire is no exception. Right beginning of the trailer this theme is introduced as we see images of Harry from each of the three previous films dissolve into one another, ending, finally, in a now fairly mature (and sorta creepy) looking shot of Daniel Radcliffe from the new film. We also see the same process applied to both Hermione and Ron in turn. From just the changes in colour palates from film-to-film alone we see that the relatively light feeling of the first film is long gone as we approach the fourth film in the series.

From the nice dissovles bringing us back up to date we transition (quite nicely encouraged along by the soundtrack in the trailer) to a quick series of shots from the film. Many of these shots work well for both the casual viewer as well as the hard-boiled Potter-nerd (myself included) in that they seem to be pulled from some of the more exciting parts of the book. We are also given a snippet of what appears to be a speech by Dumbledore (played once again by Michael Gambon, who seems like he finally might cast of the shadow left behind by the late Richard Harris) as a means of narration and quite succinctly surmising the main action plot.

Spoilerwise, this trailer isn’t actually that bad. While it does show scenes from each of the challenges in the story, it doesn’t actually give much of the meat of the story away. It’s found a nice balance between building anticipation and showing enough ‘wow-shots’ to possibly pull in new audience members who may have previously dismissed the previous films as kid’s stuff. Overall the story, as presented in the trailer, certainly feels more epic than I recall feeling about the other films. One thing to note is the total absence of any comedy from the trailer.

We’re left with a somewhat ominous detached voice advising Harry that he’ll need to make a choice. I can’t recall from memory who or what this pertains to but I think it’s a great hook to leave the audience with.

I’m sure the people over at mugglenet have dissected this trailer to death by now, they’re pretty much the premier site for Potter related news on the net.

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