Out with the old…

June 8th, 2005 at 2:29 am

Say good bye to blogger blogathyant.  Today marks the beginning of blogathyant on wordpress.  This is the first official post, although I seem to have succesfully imported in all my old posts.  The move to wordpress wasn’t particularly motivated by any one thing, but more a desire on my end to have more control over the overall feel and functionality of my blog.  Being a php programmer by trade, it just makes more sense for me to use a tool hosted on my own system, written in a language I know like the back of my hand as opposed to using a remote system that just publishes content back to my own machine.

I beleive I’ve made a little mod_rewrite hackery to make almost all my old blogger-style indexed links redirect to their proper WP equivalent.  Which was pretty much the one thing that was holding me back from making the switch months ago.

Well off we go.