Blogathyant Recommends: Mid-Nov. 2005

November 19th, 2005 at 5:40 pm

I thought I might try something new… here’s a summary of some stuff that I’m into at the moment.


  • I really cannot get enough of this band. Some really great tracks on this album. Perhaps I’ll just provide you with a quote from a review that does better justice of summing things up than I can do:

    Jimmy Shaw lays down increasingly awesome guitar work over more maturely realized lyrics. And how’s our favourite first lady Emily Haines doing? Pleine forme, ma belle, pleine forme. While everyone is going on about their first single Monster Hospital, for me it’s Police and the Private that the band allows to stay in gorgeous mid-flight, and that really shows the huge potential of Metric. Ottawa XPress – Oct. 13th 2005

  • I know I’m coming in late on the Kanye train, but whatever, it took me sometime to hop on board, sue me. Anyways, we’ve been playing this album a lot around the house. It’s really great. Review except time:

    Diamonds From Sierra Leone is hot, no doubt, especially with the Jay-Z help on the remix; Touch the Sky is fun, as is Heard ‘Em Say with blue-eyed crooner Adam Levine. But my favourite verse on the album, somewhat inexplicably, is Paul Wall’s on Drive Slow, in which he steals the show from Kanye and GLC. Ottawa XPress – Sept. 15th, 2005


  • CBC has been doing a pretty good job with putting up a lot of (unfortunately small resolution) video content from it’s (canadianized) answer to Comedy Central’s the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. My favourite segments are the comercial spoofs. Check out this one from the latest episode: A message from the Distillers of Canada (you probably wont get it if you haven’t seen the source for the spoof). They have pretty much every produced segment (i.e. non-monologues) from every episode available online, which is pretty awesome.

  • The place to get the latest Greasemonkey scripts, all served with all the fancy whiz-bang/hype features of Web 2.0. Here’s a link to my scripts on [My] Profile! I just wish they could make their login system persist between sessions (Especially annoying, since their fancy AJAX login form doesn’t actually submit, so Firefox never prompts to save the password).