NDP Supporter uses deception to drive traffic to NDP Website

December 10th, 2005 at 2:13 pm

Police departments in several Canadian cities expressed surprise Friday that websites with similar names to their sites are taking people straight to the New Democratic Party’s main website.

“Oh boy, this is not good,” Sgt. Kelly Dennison of the Winnipeg Police Service said after typing www.winnipegpolice.ca into his web browser and getting the NDP site.

The same thing happens if users type www.reginapolice.ca, www.saskatoonpolice.ca, www.edmontonpolice.ca, and www.windsorpolice.ca. All the traffic is directed to www.ndp.ca.

Porn sites and other less reputable internet companies have been using this technique for nearly as long as the web has existed, but the odd turn of events here is that it appears thats it’s not event he NDP party who’s doing it, but rather a BC Resident.

The domain names for reginapolice.ca and the rest are registered to B.C. resident David Bedford.

According to NDP spokesman Ian Capstick, Bedford is an NDP supporter who’s trying to help. The party has asked him to provide a list of domain names that are redirecting traffic to the NDP page, but hasn’t got a response back yet, he said.

Perhaps he was inpsired by Rick Mercer’s handling of jasonkenney.org

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