Engadget: Let Doctor Who read your text messages

January 31st, 2006 at 2:17 pm

What a great idea…

Doctor WhoIf you live in the UK and use BT’s text-to-voice system to get your SMS messages delivered to your landline, you’ll be hearing a familiar voice at the other end of the line for the next few months. BT has scrapped the computerized voice the company had been using for the system, and replaced it with the voice of Tom Baker of Dr. Who fame. Baker spent 11 days recording nearly 12,000 words and sounds, which were then processed by BT engineers for five months in order to be usable by the text-to-speech system.

Apparently Virgin Mobile (at least in Canada) has some guy who says things to you like ‘You have no messages. None. Seriously’ (paraphrasing), and so on, instead of the standard message center droning. Seems like a fun, if somewhat useless, idea.

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