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Ottawa 2010 Election: Improved Mayoral Candidate List

September 19th, 2010 at 1:47 pm

The City of Ottawa recently announced their candidate information page for the upcoming 2010 Municipal Elections, and, as I mentioned on twitter, the information provided is a little lacking,

It’s 2010 & the Ottawa election candidates page lists their phone, fax, & email but not website. Yeesh.

For those of us comfortable with the internet, I’ve compiled an improved list of the Mayoral Candidates to add a website, Twitter, and Facebook Pages links wherever I could find them.  I’ve also omitted the Fax number from the original City of Ottawa page.

Nominated Candidates for the 2010 Elections


Name Website Twitter1 Facebook Page1 Email Phone
Cesar Belo None None 613-601-8882
Idris Ben-Tahir None None None None 613-234-0707
Clive Doucet @CliveDoucet

Followers: 355
Following: 26
Tweets: 261

Clive Doucet

Likes: 211 613-798-1010
Joseph Furtenbacher None None 613-237-6446
Robert G. Gauthier None None 613-276-8788
Andrew Haydon @VoteHaydon

Followers: 7
Following: 4
Tweets: 17

Andy Haydon2 None
Robert Larter None None None None 613-617-4477
Robin Lawrance None None None 613-680-3178
Vincent Libweshya www.wix.…102010 @freshhjones

Followers: 57
Following: 193
Tweets: 177

Vincent M. Libweshya2 613-614-7815
Fraser Liscumb None None None None
Daniel Joseph Lyrette None None None None 613-262-9969
Mike Maguire None Mike For Mayor (Group)

Members: 79 / 613-277-4829
Larry O’Brien @larryobrien2010

Followers: 269
Following: 208
Tweets: 56

Larry O’Brien

Likes: 190 None
Julio Pita None None None None Fax Only: 613-748-7322
Sean Ryan None Sean Ryan For Mayor Of Ottawa (Group)

Members: 78 613-220-2968
Michael St. Arnaud None None None 613-276-4212
Jane Scharf @janescharf

Followers: 21
Following: 24
Tweets: 35

None 613-884-9065
Charlie Taylor @mayorcharlie

Followers: 123
Following: 192
Tweets: 128

Charlie Taylor for Mayor (Group)

Members: 236 613-521-8213
Jim Watson @jimwatsonottawa

Followers: 1,592
Following: 982
Tweets: 1,314

Jim Watson

Likes: 1,248 613-835-2400
Samuel Wright @sam4mayor

Followers: 19
Following: 39
Tweets: 6

Sam Wright

Likes: 252 None
  1. Values as of Sept. 19, 2010
  2. This is actually a link to a Facebook profile, but since it’s linked from the candidate’s website I’ve included it.

Have a correction to the above information? Let me know in the comments below.

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OC Transpo Mapping

June 19th, 2008 at 1:54 pm

octranspo.mobiSome interesting new options for trip planning with OC Transpo:

A new official mobile interface from OCTranspo: I’ve yet to see if it will be quicker/more easy to use than (formerly, but it certainly has more options and a mobile interface of the travel planner.

Also, Google Transit now supports Ottawa (when did this happen?!):

Much happier times in OC Transpo travel planning!

PHP Developers in Ottawa

June 17th, 2008 at 2:09 am

Live in Ottawa? Interested in PHP? Join the PHP Developers in Ottawa Facebook group.